Monkey News! Fota Island’s Cheeky Chops back home after Rough Nights

Fota Island Wildlife Park has said its recent escapee, a colobus monkey by the name of Cheeky Chops, has been safely returned to the park.

Fota Island's Cheeky Chops back home

Colobus Monkey (Getty Images)

On Tuesday Cheeky Chops escaped from the wildlife park and was spotted sleeping in a nearby public toilet.

Roisin Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager at Fota Wildlife Park, said they finally managed to coax the monkey down from a tree in the car park Friday afternoon.

“After a few hours of coaxing with his favourite treats of boiled potatoes, avocado, peanuts and bananas the rangers were able to entice him into a secure holding pen within the Wildlife Park grounds.

“Cheeky Chops has now been safely reunited with the other three members of his bachelor group, who welcomed him back with lots of grooming.”

Rest easy everyone – Cheeky chops is home!

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