Gotta Catch ‘Em All | Another Rare Lobster Finds a Home in Achill Aquarium

The Achill Experience has become the place to see rare and amazing lobsters. Over the past month they’ve acquired three different types of rare and colourful lobsters all caught off the Irish coast.

New arrival! Rare blue lobster caught off Sligo coast (Credit Achill Experience)

At the start of May a white ghost lobster, one of the rarest types in the world, was netted off Achill Island by local fisherman Charlie O’Malley who donated it to the aquarium.

Soon after this unique crustacean was joined by another extremely rare orange lobster (around 30 in a million) caught off Galway by Cathal King. Lobsters usually only turn orange when they are cooked!

blue lobster achill experience

Achill Experience’s risk of colourful lobster

This week an even rarer blue lobster (one in 2 million) was found off Sligo by Michael Kelly. The color is due to genetic defect that causes the lobster to produce an excessive amount of a protein that turns it blue.

All these rare and colourful lobster have escaped the cooking pot and found a new home in the Achill Experience. These crustaceans are an exciting new draw for the aquarium that opened on the island last year and show just how varied and amazing the our marine life is.

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