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Our mission is to share the best of the Irish coast and a big part of that means getting the views and contributions of people that feel strongly about the past, present and future of Ireland’s marine environment.

We’ve got thousands of people on our website everyday that care about Irish coastal news and stories, this is an opportunity for you to share your story with them.

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Guest writer Guidelines

We’ve got some pretty straightforward guidelines that will keep you colouring inside the lines.

  • Keep with the Coast Monkey spirit – Sharing the best of the coast, promoting coastal communities, educating and encouraging conservation, preserving coastal heritage and raising awareness about stuff that matters to all of us that live near the coast.
  • Use your story to inform the audience about a topic – make it interesting and easy to read
  • It can be your opinion but do it in a diplomatic way – not just ranting and venting
  • If you want people to care about what you care about, show them why it matters.
  • Keep it condensed with one or two key points: around 500 words max
  • A provocative title without being clickbaity. It needs to deliver on its promise.
  • No bad language please.
  • If you‘ve got photos or illustrations, great!
  • Proper attribution of data, quotations, and outside content referenced in the article.

For our part

  • We’ll provide you a platform to share your views and opinions and will help get it as much attention as we can.
  • We will host it on our website and share it on our social media channels
  • We reserve the right to edit any submission so that it conforms to the above guidelines

This is an opportunity for you to share you story and gain it moe attention.

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