‘Women making Waves’ Irish Maritime Quiz

Olympic medal winner Annalise Murphy was just announced as the Grand Marshall for the Dublin St Patrick’s Day parade. What sport does she compete in?

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Annalise Murphy is a Dublin born sailor who won a silver medal in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.

Lt Commander O'Brien was the first female commander of an Irish Naval Service patrol ship - In what year was she appointed?

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Hailing from Co Tipperary and taking command of the LE Aisling, Lt Commander Roberta O'Brien was the first female commander of an Irish Naval Service patrol ship and she was appointed in 2008.

On what west coast island was the stronghold of legendary pirate queen Gráinne Ní Mháille (Grace O'Malley)?

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Clare Island was the stronghold of the 16th century pirate queen Gráinne Ní Mháille. She ruled her lands with an iron fist and commanded a fleet of ships with around 200 men. When the crown made a move to attack her castle on Clare Island she retaliated attacking English ships and even blockading Galway port.

What self taught victorian marine biologist defied expectations and made a name for herself in science?

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Maude Jane Delap, despite no formal education, made a name for herself in the field of marine biology. She spent her life on Valentia Island and made many contributions to the field. In her homemade lab she conducted experiments on rearing jellyfish leading to major contributions to the understanding of the life cycles of these creatures

Kate Tyrrell fought hard to become the first Irish women to be officially called captain. What was the name of her ship?

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When her father died it was up to Kate Tyrrell to take over the family business and to take control of the Denbighshire Lass. In the face of antiquated law and the expectations of 19th Century society, Kate blazed a trail by becoming the first woman to be officially called Captain.

What infamous pirate did Cork born pirate Anne Bonny become involved with?

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Anne Bonny is one of the world's most infamous pirates. She left Cork at a young age and moved with her father to the States. There the fiery-tempered adventurer got involved with Calico Jack and together they set out for a life of pillaging, pirating and recklessness on the high seas.

What was the name of the yacht Margaret Cushing Osgood and her husband commissioned as a wedding present for their daughter Molly?

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The Asgard was the yacht Margaret Cushing Osgood and her husband commissioned as a wedding present for their daughter Molly. It was famously involved in the the Howth gun running which saw the delivery of 900 Mauser rifles to the Irish Volunteers at Howth harbour in Ireland on 26 July 1914.

What female botanist made a very significant contribution to the understanding of seaweeds?

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Ellen Hutchins (1785–1815) was Ireland’s first female botanist. She is known for botanical illustrations as well as collecting and identifying numerous species. She is especially known for her contribution to the study and understanding of seaweeds.

What convict ship sailing from Cork to Australia carrying female prisoners sank off King's Island in Australia in 1835?

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The Neva set sail from Cork to the prisons of Botany Bay in Australia carrying 150 female convicts as well as nine free women and 55 children. But the ship never reached its destination on the 13th May 1835 the Neva hit a reef and sank with a loss of 224 lives just off Kings Island. Many of the women on board were unable to save themselves as they were so drunk on rum that they found in the cargo.

On what island off the coast of Ireland can you visit Peig Sayers home?

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Peig Sayers (1873–1958) has been described as one of the greatest storytellers of recent times. She was born in Dunquin Co Kerry but spent much of her life on Great Blasket Island. You can still visit and even stay in her house on the island today.

How many times has Easkey Britton won the Irish National Surfing Championship title?

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In 2010 she won her fifth consecutive Irish National Surfing Championship title at the competition in Co. Sligo.

'Women making Waves' Irish Maritime Quiz
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