Want to join the Irish Naval Service? Here’s what you need to know.

Ever dream of a career on the sea? A life sailing Irish waters, protecting our national interest as you develop your seamanship and leadership skills? 

Well if that sounds good to you we’ve got some news you might find interesting – right now the Irish Naval service has vacancies for new officers. And we’re gonna tell you what you need to know to apply.

Here’s the lowdown on the Naval officer vacancies


Is a life on the waves for you?

What roles are available? Currently there are opportunities for Bridge Watchkeeping Officers, Marine Engineering Officers and Electrical Engineer Officers. With these roles you’ll basically learn to run the ship as well as keeping it afloat and moving forward. It’s the officers path that have to take if you ultimately want to become captain.

So first thing – the Naval Service wants people with the right stuff so first question you have to ask yourself is this:

Are you highly motivated? This is key to being a successful candidates. You’ve got to really want the job. Basically that drive to develop skills and lead people, as is the case with most important jobs in big organisations these days, is what they want.


Looking for people with the right stuff

OK, you’re motivated, now you need to make sure you meet the basic requirements before applying.

Let’s take a closer look at the ‘Terms and Conditions’ as the Naval Service calls them, that is the conditions you need to satisfy to be eligible.

Do you meet the basic requirements? Essentially, you have to be Irish, young (less that 32), in good physical and mental health and with normal vision. You must be above 5’2″ and your weight should be in keeping with your age. 

Also, educationally, for the marine and operations position you need a Department of transport certificate of competency or a recognised naval watchkeeping certificate, and for the electrical engineer branch a recognized Bachelor degree programme at level 8 or higher.

Check here for the full job specifics: Irish Naval Service Terms and Conditions


Becoming a leader

So you meet all the requirements, now what?

Fill out your application on the official electronic application form available:

Job Application Portal of Irish Defense Forces


William Butler Yeats (P63) is also about to join the Irish naval service

Been invited to the interview?

If the Naval Service is  happy with your application you’ll be invited to attend an interview, which is competency based. This is where they’ll test you in a range of relevant areas like planning, organizing and communication to name just a few. This is the real of meat of the process, and it’s where they get to see you in situations that will inform them as to how well you’d do in real world situations.  


But should you come through this a successful candidate, you get appointed an Officer of the Permanent Defence Force (PDF). And you’ll be beginning a career like no other.


So that’s our quick look at the necessaries for these interesting opportunities but of course go through all the information yourself and as always read the fine print.

Visit the Defence Forces Ireland Homepage for more info

and good luck with your application!

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