Minesweeper HMS Atherstone visits Dublin port today

HMS Atherstone is visiting Dublin Port today. She’s been in active service for the British Navy for 30 years. Let’s find out more about her.

HMS Atherstone (M38)

HMS Atherstone is a Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessel of the Royal Navy. Built by Vosper Thornycroft shipbuilders at Woolston, Southampton, she was launched on 1st March 1986 and commissioned on 17th January 1987, the tenth ship of her class.

She is currently part of the 2nd Mine Countermeasure (MCM) Squadron based in Portsmouth. She returned in 2015 from the Gulf as part of Operation Telic in the Middle East, in support of Coalition operations to promote and maintain peace in the Persian Gulf.  She helped to provide assurance to merchant shipping, by conducting mine-countermeasure surveys in the main shipping routes throughout the region.

Vital stats: Length 60 metres – Weight 740 tonnes – Top speed 17 knots

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