Celebrate the Vikings at Dublinia this Easter Weekend

This Easter Weekend celebrate the cultural and historic impact of the Vikings with a spectacular festival hosted by Dublinia. Viking Fest will take place this weekend from the Saturday 30th March til the 2nd of April with a number of exciting Viking themed events including living history, viking ships and a live audio visual performance.

 Vikings Dublinia Easter Weekend

Throughout the course of their activity in Ireland, the Vikings had a profound effect on many aspects of Irish culture. Their influence can be seen in things such as the development of towns, in place names and in art styles. This weekend of festivities aims to celebrate and embrace aspects of Viking culture that were so integral part of Irish history.

Throughout the weekend there will be a number of displays at the Dublinia courtyard. These will include Viking coin minting, games and other Viking crafts brought to life with re-enactors. These events will be taking place throughout the weekend and no booking is necessary.

Along the water at Wood Quay there will be two Viking longships on display. A third full size ship will be aground on Wine Tavern street with lots of Viking warriors on hand to describe what life onboard the ship would have been like.

A major highlight of the festival is a live outdoor spectacle with the international Follow the Vikings audio-visual and theatrical performance at the historic Wood Quay amphitheatre taking place on Saturday 30th.

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