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Time for a quick quiz! Test your maritime knowledge with these 10 Irish maritime questions – Good luck!

What ship was wrecked on the rocks off Lambay Island on its maiden voyage?

Lambay Island
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On the 21st January 1854, just two days into her maiden voyage, the RMS Tayleur was wrecked at Lambay Island. Dashed and broken by the rocks, the Tayleur sank taking with her 350 poor souls!

What was John Philip Holland's hugely important marine invention?

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While many had tried their hand at creating a viable machine to travel beneath the waves, it was Clareman John Phillip Holland who was the first to achieve it. All the other inventions on the list were also created by Irish inventors. Screw pile Lighthouse - Alexander Mitchell, harpoon gun - Thomas Nesbit, Guided torpedo - Louis Brennan.

How many WW2 Lookout Posts are located around the Irish coast?

Downpatrick Head, County Mayo. Image Thomas Mulchi
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A total of 83 Lookout Posts (or LOPs) were built at strategic points around the coast at ten to twenty mile intervals from Ballagan Head in Louth to Inishowen Head in Donegal. These LOPs were in use from September 1939 to June 1945 and were monitored by members of the Local Defence Force.

Who was the Arklow born and bred captain of the Denbighshire Lass?

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When her father died it was up to Kate Tyrrell to take over the family business and to take control of the Denbighshire Lass. In the face of antiquated law and the expectations of 19th Century society, Kate blazed a trail by becoming the first woman to be called Captain.

What infamous ship, built in Dublin, shelled the city during the 1916 Rising?

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HMY Helga was built in Dublin's Liffey Dockyard. She is infamously known for her role in shelling Dublin during the 1916 Rising. Later in life she would be reborn. In August of 1923 she was handed over to the Free State and renamed Muirchu (Seahound) and was one of the first ships in the newly formed Irish Navy.

On what date was the RMS Lusitania sunk by a German U-Boat off the coast of Kinsale?

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On the 7th May 1915, the RMS Lusitania was lost 11 miles of the coast of Kinsale. She was fired upon by the German submarine U-20. A single torpedo was all it took and of the 1960 passengers on board only 767 survived.

How did Erskine Childers come into possession of the Asgard?

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The Asgard famously was used to smuggle guns into Howth. These arms would then be used by the rebels in the 1916 Rising. Dr Hamilton and Margaret Cushing Osgood commissioned the boat as a generous wedding present to their daughter Molly and her husband Erskine Childers.

What was the name of Ernest Shackleton’s famous ship?

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Only a short while into the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition the Endurance got stuck in pack ice and drifted for months. For Shackleton and his brave crew the journey lived up to the ship's name and became an enduring struggle for survival.

What shipwreck, lying off the coast of Malin Head, is still carrying a cargo of Sherman tanks and other military vehicles?

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SS Empire Heritage was en route from New York to Liverpool when she was torpedoed by the German U Boat U-482 around 15 miles northwest of Malin Head. She was carrying war supplies, Sherman tanks, and other military vehicles. Today the wreck at a depth of 70 metres is regarded as one of Europe’s best dives sites.

What's the name of legendary Tom Crean's pub in his home town of Annascaul?

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Tom Crean was one of Ireland's greatest and sadly unsung legends. He travelled on three separate expeditions to the Antarctic, including Shackleton's Endurance. When he retired he opened a pub called the South Pole Inn in his home town of Annascaul. It's still open today so next time you're down the West go in and raise a glass to good old Tom Crean!

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