Test you knowledge of the Legendary RMS Titanic – Try this Quiz!

Titanic was perhaps the most famous of all ships to have ever set sail.

But how well do you its short but rich history?

1.Titanic was one of three sister of the White Star Line. Olympic was one, what was the other?

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Born in the Belfast shipyards of Harland & Wolff three magnificent sisters were the pride of the White Star Line. The eldest - Olympic - would have a long and illustrious career, the younger two destined for more brief tragic lives. They were the greatest ships of their time, marvels of their age and their names are now etched deep in the annals of history: Olympic, Titanic and Britannic.

2. In which Irish country house is there a matching staircase to one that was built for the Titanic?

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The staircase in Loftus Hall was one of three, the others are in the Vatican and lying in the wreck of the Titanic. The one in Loftus Hall remains in perfect condition and you can see it in all it’s glory if you visit the house.

3. What did the designation RMS mean?

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The Titanic was primarily a passenger liner but her designation as a Royal Mail Ship (RMS) meant the ship was officially responsible for delivering mail for the British postal service.

4.The Titanic departed from Southampton and its last stop on its ill fated voyage was at Queenstown (Cobh). But where did it stop off in between?

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The Titanic's maiden voyage was a trans-Atlantic crossings between Southampton and New York via Cherbourg and Queenstown. On 10th April 1912 it left Southampton arriving at Cherbourg later that evening. The next day it went on to what would be it’s final stop off before the ship would tragically sink

5.What was unusual about the fourth funnel on the RMS Titanic?

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The Titanic as well as her sister ships Olympic and Britannic only had three operational funnels. The fourth was fake and was just for show. Four funnels on a ship were a sign of prestige and power. So to rival her competitors like the Cundard Line's RMS Lusitania, White Star Line opted to build dummy funnels on their liners.

6. What was the name of the first ship on scene to the rescue the passengers on board the titanic

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RMS Carpathia was 58 miles away when she received the distress call. They arrived two hours after the ship had sank but they managed to rescue 705 survivors from the ship’s lifeboats and freezing waters. A few years later the RMS Carpathia was lost off Cork after being struck by torpedoes from a U-boat in 1918.

7. How many bathtubs did the 700 plus third class passengers have to share?

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While the first class passengers live in luxury above with a number of amenities including turkish baths, the third class passengers had to share two bathtubs for over 700 people!

8. What was the name of the photographer who managed to capture some amazing shots of life on board the Titanic before departing at Cobh?

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Father Browne lived in Cork and had traveled to Southampton for the voyage that would return him home to Cork. During the trip he made the acquaintance of an American couple who enjoyed his company. They offered to pay Fr. Browne continued passage on the ship to New York and back if he were to spend it with them. Fr Brown contacted his superior requesting the temporary leave and the response he received was curt and unequivocal. “GET OFF THAT SHIP”. Fr Eddie O’Donnell, noted archivist, said the photographer kept the telegram in his wallet for the rest of his life telling people “it was the only time holy obedience ever saved a man’s life”.

9. What did the first newspapers to release the story of Titanic report?

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The first newspapers to release the story of the Titanic reported that no lives were lost. It took two days before an accurate report was released.

10. At what depth does the wreck of the Titanic lie?

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The wreck was discovered in 1985 at a depth of 12,500 feet (3,800m) down off the coast of Newfoundland.

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