Swimming Ban at Kilkee Beach Finally Lifted in Time for Summer

A ‘Do Not Swim’ notice that had been in place on the popular bathing spot at Kilkee beach, Co. Clare since December has finally been lifted. 

swimming ban Kilkee beach lifted

Kilkee Beach Ready for the Summer

The lifting of the bathing notice was confirmed yesterday evening by Irish water and Clare County Council. This follows the completion of repair and upgrades at the wastewater pumping station.

The notice was placed by Clare County Council in the interest of public safety just days before the annual Christmas Swim which as a result they were forced to cancel. This was the second time a swimming ban had been placed on the beach in a six month period.

The ban followed an emergency discharge of stormwater into the sea via Kilkee beach. The emergency discharge occurred due to a failure in an operational safety device at the pumping station, combined with heavy rainfall in the area.

Locals and visitors will be happy to get back in the water and enjoy this fantastic beach just in time for summer.


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