Standing up for the Environment on a Wild Atlantic Paddle Board Adventure

The rise in numbers of people passionately showing their support for the environment is a hugely positive and necessary phenomenon. Awareness is a key element in the future-defining effort to protect our planet, and for some, their contribution to this movement really is an adventure –  like Oona Tibbetts who is travelling the entire Wild Atlantic Way on a stand-up paddleboard!

Stand-up paddleboard environment awareness

Wild Atlantic Paddle Board Adventure Oona’s journey will take her all along the Wild Atlantic Way to Donegal

On May 1st, Oona launched from Kinsale in Co. Cork, the start of the Wild Atlantic Way, and began paddling north on a journey along Ireland’s Atlantic coastline with a final destination of Muff, Donegal.

This incredible journey is to raise environmental awareness, it will also make Oona the very first person to see this beautiful view of Ireland from atop a stand-up paddleboard.

This journey will be around 2,100 km. Oona plans to paddle an average of 30 km per day and hopes to complete the journey in three months, knowing full well that this might not be achievable.  

The Wild Atlantic Way is not called wild for just any old reason. The pounding waves, howling winds, and jagged rocks are all part of what makes this coastline so spectacular. These pose real challenges to stand-up paddleboarders. 

Stand-up paddleboard environment awareness

The Old Head of Kinsale, Co Cork Oona preparing to paddle through the tunnel that goes all the way through the old Head

Along this route, Oona will encounter the very best of paddle conditions to the very worst. Sections of the coastline are extremely sheltered, while other portions are exposed to the wide-open Atlantic. You can track her progress in real time here.

Stand-up paddleboard environment awareness

Galley Head, Co. Cork Exploring of the huge caves on the west side of Galley Head

This paddle is Oona’s journey to highlight the environmental issues that face us today. Oona is sharing all she sees and experiences as she’s paddles north allowing you to get a taste of what this journey is all about and what it is truly like.

Oona is vlogging and blogging the entire length of the journey, as well as Tweeting, Instagraming and posting on Facebook. Follow her on social media for all the latest from her wild Atlantic adventure.

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