Hungry Sharks circle Whale Carcass off Donegal Coast

The Irish Air Corp captured these amazing images of a whale carcass being scavenged by sharks 200km off the northwest coast of Donegal, as reported by the IWDG. These images offer a fascinating glimpse of life and death on the open seas.

Sharks dead Whale Donegal Coast

Sharks circle a whale carcass, Seagulls mostly relaxed. (Credit 101 Squadron Irish Air Corps)

Irish waters are teeming with amazing marine life and play host to around 25 species of whales and over 70 species of sharks.  When these huge creatures die, their place on the food chain changes dramatically but completely naturally. They become food for other creatures that previously were competitors. This is what a healthy ocean looks like.

Sharks dead Whale Donegal Coast

(Credit 101 Squadron Irish Air Corps)

For over 25 years Irish waters have been a designated whale and dolphin sanctuary. These magnificent creatures are protected in our waters so their life (and death) can continue as it should without undue human interference. 

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