Shackleton movie announced – Here are the best men for the job!

Ernest Shackleton is one of the great explorers of the world, a giant of the “Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration” and leader of three epic expeditions to the Antarctic. His final attempt – the Imperial Trans-Atlantic Expedition – proved the most grueling and is one of the greatest tales of human endurance, bravery and adventure.

And now it looks like this epic story will get the silver screen treatment it’s long deserved – with Tom Hardy taking the lead!


Hauling the James Caird One of many difficult tasks endured

It’s been announced this week that StudioCanal are putting together a film to be written by Peter Straughan, who wrote Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Frank, with Tom Hardy to play the Shackleton lead role.

Several filmmakers have previously tried their hand at putting together a film version of Shackleton’s exploits but the logistics of such an incredible project have often proved too much.

Shortly after the expedition began in winter of 1914 his ship Endurance got trapped in ice and drifted for months before finally succumbing to the crushing ice. The crew were left stranded with no means to contact the outside world. Miraculously Shackleton led his men and a last-ditch effort to find help and managed to get all his crew home safely.

But now with modern effects and advances in camera technology could we finally seen the epic tale of the Endurance of the big screen? It certainly looks that way.

And while we think Tom Hardy will be an excellent Shackleton, there are other hugely important roles that need to be filled, specifically the five members of the incredible voyage of the James Caird. We’ve put together our dream cast of who could do justice to these legendary heroes.

Check them out below and tell us what you think.


Ernest Shackleton & Tom Hardy

Ernest Shackleton

Shackleton was known for being a great leader of men. Through the harshest of circumstances he managed to led his crew and save them from certain death on the icy wastelands of the Antarctic. Tom Hardy has been cast to play this formidable character and we couldn’t agree more!


Tom Crean & Michael Fassbender

Tom Crean

The legendary Kerryman deserves a movie all by his self. He was is a largely unsung hero – a man of great bravery, fortitude and heart. He was greatly respected by Shackleton and all the crew. Who better to play him than another ruggedly handsome Kerryman – Michael Fassbender!


Tim McCarthy & Robert Sheehan

Tim McCarthy

Tim McCarthy from Kinsale Co. Cork was a much-loved character and an excellent seaman, Shackleton held him in highest regard. For his bravery on the James Caird he received a Polar Medal but sadly he was never able to collect it. He joined the Royal Navy upon returning home and only three weeks into service he was killed in action. We think Robert Sheehan would do a good job of the lovable youngster.


Henry McNeish & Tom Hiddleston

Henry ‘Chippy’ McNeish

The ship’s carpenter and master shipwright. He was an animal lover and brought along a cat called Mrs Chippy as a companion.  The cat was extremely affectionate followed McNeish where ever he went. Mcneish was headstrong and often clashed with Shackleton challenging him on his decisions. As Shackleton’s adversary we think Tom ‘Loki’ Hiddleston would be puuuurfect!


Frank Worsley & Daniel Craig

Frank Worsley

Worsley was a New Zealand sailor and explorers and joined Shackleton’s expedition as the captain of the Endurance. When the boat landed on the beach at Georgia he accompanied Shackleton and Crean to find help at the Whaling Station. We think Daniel Craig can pull off the very cool captain.


John Vincent & Jeremy Renner

John Vincent

The final man on the James Caird crew. Along with McNeish they were too sick to travel on to the Whaling station. They stayed behind on the beach with McCarthy watching over him. He was one of only four members of the endurance crew who didn’t receive a polar medal. Jeremy Renner, use to playing an underdog who doesn’t get enough credit, would be great.

Come on Hollywood, let’s make this movie happen!

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