Get Involved | Explore Your Shore ‘Seashore Splash!’ 16th – 24th May

If you live within 5km of the coast and it’s safe for you to get out and explore, why not get involved with a bit of citizen science and join in Explore Your Shore’s Seashore Splash! for International Day for Biological Diversity 2020.
Seashore Splash May 2020

From 16th – 24th May, Explore Your Shore are running a Seashore Splash! for Biodiversity Week. They are asking people to records as many marine species as possible and record them on the National Biodiversity Data Centre site here.

Follow the National Biodiversity Data Centre Twitter account and the Explore Your Shore! Facebook page for regular updates. You can check into this site here daily to see how things are progressing in terms of total records recorded, total species recorded and which coastal county is leading the way in terms of marine biodiversity recording.

Get Involved | Explore Your Shore ‘Seashore Splash!’ 16th – 24th May

There’s a prize for two lucky recorders who submit records will win a copy of their brand new identification swatch on Ireland’s Marine Bivalve Shells.

So get recording and submit your records here!

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