Safety at Sea Through War and Upheaval Exhibition | In Dublin Castle Now

The fantastic Irish Lights exhibition Safety at Sea Through War and Upheaval IRISH LIGHTS 1911 – 1923 has come to Dublin Castle.

Safety at Sea Through War and Upheaval IRISH LIGHTS 1911 – 1923

The roving exhibition was first launched last summer in Galway at Seafest and has since been put on display in Cork and Wexford.

The historical exhibition tells the story of how Irish Lights continued its mission; to ensure safety at sea for all, even through the daunting events of the First World War and a nation-defining revolution.

Developed in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy it is an incredibly immersive experience that uses unique sources and pays homage to this island’s rich maritime legacy.

What emerges is a never-before told story of devotion to duty, scientific, engineering and physical endeavour, world war, revolution and change. It is also a deeply personal story of those who worked with and built up Irish Lights and who devoted their lives to protecting the coastline for the safety of all.

The exhibition explores Irish Lights’ history between 1911 and 1923 and incredible events, such as; the Easter Rising of 1916, the Anglo-Irish War of 1919–1921, and the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

The exhibition currently ongoing at the Coach House in Dublin Castle and is not to be missed!

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