Royal Navy and French Navy Ships visit Dublin Port this week

Lots of naval activity on the quays this week with three foreign naval ships visiting the capital.

Royal Navy French Navy Ships visit Dublin

HMS Express (Credit Roger Winser)

On Tuesday morning two Royal Navy patrol and training vessels will be visiting. HMS Dasher and HMS Express are both Archer class patrol vessels and the Royal Naval fleet has 16 such vessels. Both ships will be berthed till Thursday at Sir John Rogerson Quay.

Royal Navy French Navy Ships visit Dublin

HMS Dasher During an escort mission (Credit CPOA Tam McDonald/MOD)

On Thursday the patrol ships will be joined on the quays by the oldest boat in the French Navy. The Mutin is a French Naval cutter that was launched in 1927 and is used as a training vessel.

Royal Navy French Navy Ships visit Dublin

Mutin escorted by Gun Boat during World War 2

French Naval cutter Mutin (Credit Bernard Hily)

During the Second World War it was requisitioned by the British Special Operations Executive and used in undercover missions to infiltrate and extract British agents, pilots and resistance fighters.


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