Celebrating 200 Years, Cork’s Roches Point Lighthouse Opens to Public

This Sunday, 4th June, for the first time ever Roche’s Point Lighthouse will be open to the public to celebrate its 200th anniversary. 

Roches Point Lighthouse Open Day

Gateway to Cork Roches Point Lighthouse (Credit Cork Harbour Heritage Alliance )

A lighthouse was first established at Roches Point on 4th June 1817 as a guide for ships entering into Cork Harbour. This point has a huge symbolic significance and history attached to it. It was often the final glimpse of Ireland as emigrants left home and headed abroad. The ill-fated Titanic was moored off Roche’s Point as her final passengers boarded from Cobh and the SOS message from the RMS Lustiania was sent to the wireless station at Roche’s Point after it was struck by a torpedo off Old Kinsale Head.

This Sunday 4th of June Cork Harbour Heritage Alliance in association with the Commissioners of Irish Lights will be holding an open day at the lighthouse. Visitors will get a once in a lifetime chance to look around the lighthouse compound and experience the stunning views from this historic point overlooking Cork harbour.

Former lighthouse keepers will be on hand to guide and inform people about the lighthouse and there will be an exhibition about the US Navy in Cork Harbour during the First World War.

This will be a ticketed only event and it’s expected that 1,500 people will take this opportunity to have a look around.

Visit here to get your tickets and don’t miss out on this excellent chance to experience a piece of Cork’s maritime history.

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