Research collaboration highlighted at European Maritime Day

European Maritime Day 2019, taking place in Lisbon, Portugal from 16-17 May, is one of the largest marine science and policy meetings of the year. The 2019 programme focuses on blue entrepreneurship, research, innovation and investment to transform traditional maritime sectors and boost emerging technologies.

Speaking at this year’s European Maritime Day, Dr Peter Heffernan CEO of the Marine Institute said, “The Institute plays a crucial role in supporting, coordinating and promoting marine research at a national and international level. By working alongside academic institutions in Ireland, and participating in and leading research partnerships, the Institute is able to increase our knowledge of the ocean which will assist in the sustainable management and development of our marine resource.”

Research collaboration European Maritime Day

Research collaboration highlighted at European Maritime Day in Lisbon, Portugal

The Galway Statement, signed at the Marine Institute in 2013, provided the first step in forming the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance (AORA) between the European Union, Canada and the United States of America. AORA aims to promote a healthier Atlantic Ocean, find more sustainable ways to use its resources and increase people’s awareness and literacy surrounding the ocean.

“AORA is science diplomacy at work,” Dr Heffernan said. “Transatlantic cooperation has been instrumental to the success of AORA and creating a strong Atlantic community. Within five years, scientific research teams working together in the Atlantic have unearthed new discoveries and knowledge in the areas of seabed mapping, ocean observation, climate and polar research and marine biotechnology.”

European Maritime Day encourages Europe’s desire to lead the Blue economy revolution and deliver economic growth in the maritime sector and expand employment opportunity. The programme covers almost all aspects of marine science, technology and policy, and encourages participants to engage with partners from the EU community to exchange information.

The 2020 European Maritime Day annual meeting will be hosted by Cork City Council. This will be the first time that Ireland has hosted this prestigious European event.

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