Injured Loggerhead Turtle Rescued from Tralee Bay

An injured turtle has been rescued from Tralee Bay near Fenit. The large loggerhead turtle was discovered by Jonathan Lynch and his family who rescued and handed over the injured reptile to the care of Oceanworld Aquarium Dingle. 

Now named Sally the Loggerhead, the wandering ocean dweller is extremely lucky to be alive after suffering a nasty shark attack that left her missing a front flipper. Oceanworld Aquarium in Dingle have placed her under temporary quarantine and the plan is she will be rehabilitated and hopefully released back to the wild when fully recovered.

Although turtles usually inhabit more tropical climates there are several types that visit Irish waters in the warmer months to snack on tasty jellyfish.

Last year another loggerhead named Eva was rescued and taken into the care of Galway Atlantaquaria. She was rehabilitated and hitched a ride home on the LÉ Samuel Beckett back to the Mediterranean.



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