Calling all Photographers! Competition to highlight Dublin Bay’s Underwater World

Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership has just launched a photo competition, open to all ages and skill levels, with lots of great prizes and a goal to highlight the very best of Dublin Bay’s unique underwater world.

On top of the great prizes, the winning photos will be displayed around Dublin helping to raise awareness of this vulnerable and beautiful environment.

Photography Competition Dublin Bay Biosphere Underwater

Dublin Bay Biosphere Can you photograph the best of beneath the waves?

In 1981, UNESCO recognised the importance of Dublin Bay by designating North Bull Island as a Biosphere because of its rare and internationally important habitats and species of wildlife. In 2015 the Biosphere was expanded and now covers all of Dublin Bay, reflecting its significant environmental, economic, cultural and tourism importance, covering over 300 square kilometers with nearly 300,000 people living within the enlarged Biosphere.

The Dublin Bay UNESCO Biosphere partnership and the Irish Underwater Council want to raise awareness of the diverse marine life and maritime features in Dublin Bay and the underwater photography competition will bring the best of beneath the waves to a wider audience, generating increased awareness of this unique habitat and helping to contribute to its protection and long-term health.

Photography Competition Dublin Bay Biosphere Underwater

Photo competition Sharing the best of Dublin Bay’s underwater world

The competition has 7 categories to enter :

  • Best photograph of a crustacean/echinoderm (e.g. crab, lobster, prawn, shrimp, starfish, brittle star, sea urchin, sea cucumber)
  • Best photograph of a sponge/cnidarian/sea squirt (e.g. anemone, coral, hydroid, jellyfish)
  • Best photograph of a worm/mollusc (e.g. sea snail, sea slug, cuttlefish, octopus, squid)
  • Best photograph of a fish or mammal
  • Best photograph taken on a wreck
  • Best photograph of “Caught in the Bay” (Photographers favourites)
  • Best compact camera or action camera image (see rules for qualifying cameras)

Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership has sponsored €400 for the winning image in each category with great runners up prizes thanks to Flagship Scuba, Lambay Diving Retail, Oceandivers Ireland, The Purty Kitchen, Seasearch Ireland and Diving Ireland.

All levels of photography experience are encouraged to enter. The closing date for entries is the 20th of April 2018 and winners will be announced on the 4th of May. The best images will be displayed around the Dublin Bay area so would love as many photographers as possible to enter in order to share our underwater world with the public.

For full competition detail and how to enter, visit Dublin Bay Biosphere Photography Competition.

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