In Pictures – USS Porter visits Ireland on four-day goodwill visit

The impressive USS Porter is visiting Ireland on a four-day goodwill visit as part of mission to foster good relations and co-operation with European navies.

Currently down in Cobh, County Cork the crew will undertake tours and cultural exchanges in and around Cork.

USS Porter is an Arleigh-Burke class destroyer built in Mississippi and was commissioned as the 28th vessel in its class. Boasting a crew of 280, the ship is capable of 30 knots. It is equipped with two helicopter with its primary armament being Tomahawk cruise missiles.

The destroyer can also launch Harpoon anti-ship and anti-armour missiles. Its air defence system revolves around the powerful AN/SPY radar and a battery of missiles and 54mm and 25mm guns.

The destroyer is based in southern Spain and normally undertakes a four month deployment in either the North Atlantic or the Mediterranean.

Interestingly, this is not the first time the US Navy has had a USS Porter visit Ireland. In 1918 a vessel by the same name also paid a visit, though circumstances were a little different then given it was at the height of the first world war.

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