Irish naval service to get fourth offshore patrol vessel

The Irish Naval Service is to get a fourth new ship, set for delivery in two years, as an order for another vessel has been confirmed. The ship will be built at Appledore Shipyard in Devon. The ship will be an offshore patrol vessel (OPV), the same class as the other three recently built there.


LE William Butler Yeats at Appledore, Devon

The Government had agreed to provide €54.3m for the additional ship after reaching a contract agreement with Babcock International to build it at their headquarters in Appledore, Devon.

The three OPVs built by Appledore are LE James Joyce, LE Samuel Beckett, and LE William Butler Yeats. LE Samuel Beckett was delivered in April 2014, and the LE James Joyce followed last year in July. The LE William Butler Yeats is currently carrying out sea trials and replaces the recently decommissioned LE AISLING.

The new ship will be delivered within two years.

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