Divers raising funds for hyperbaric chamber in Cork Hospital

Munster divers are looking to raise funds for a new hyperbaric chamber to be used in case of diving emergencies in the southwest.

The group called the Munster Hyperbaric Chamber Project have come together with the aim to raise more than €160,000 necessary to provide this vital piece of equipment. The hope to locate the equipment on a hospital campus in Cork.


Galway hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric chambers are used to treat divers suffering from decompression sickness, also known as the bends. The condition can prove fatal but if treated early by hyperbaric oxygen therapy there is a higher chance of recovery.

The group hopes to have the hyperbaric chamber purchased and operational by next March for the start of the diving season. This new chamber will provide a vital service for divers who get into trouble on the southwest.

Follow the Munster Hyperbaric Chamber Project for updates and to contribute.

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