Jellyfish Jamboree! Achill Beach Invaded by Army of Mauve Stingers

Thousands of Pelagia noctiluca, small purple jellyfish more commonly known as Mauve Stingers, have washed up on Keel beach on Achill Island.

Mauve Stingers Jellyfish Achill

Watch your step! Keel Beach covered in stinging jellyfish (Credit Mayo News)

Over the last two days thousands of these small purple jellyfish have washed ashore following the tail end of Hurricane Gerts movement across the Atlantic.

People walking on the beach are advised to wear footwear to prevent being stung by these unusual invaders. In recent years these type of jellyfish are becoming more common on the Irish coast and can impart a nasty sting.

Impressive natural display! (Credit Gerry Brannigan)

Increased water temperatures and more extreme weather conditions are making jellyfish invasions like these more common here on our coast.

If you’re unlucky enough to get stung by a jellyfish while out on the coast this summer check out our guide on how to treat a jellyfish sting!

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