Education: Become a Master of the Marine Environment

Finishing your undergrad this year? Interested in coastal and marine environments? Well, here’s a course we at Coast Monkey think looks great: An MSc in Coastal and Marine Environments at NUI Galway.

The long term health of coastal and marine environments needs smart and committed people, individuals who can bring together all the varied interests of the coast so that true sustainable development occurs.  So if you care about the marine environment, can think beyond the conventional and reckon you can further the participatory approaches to sustainable development, this might be the course for you.

A little detail: It’s a full-time masters course delivered over 3 semesters. The modules you’ll study include Biodiversity and Coastal Change, Coastal Processes and Landforms, Coastal Risk: management and prevention. There’ll also be Field and Laboratory Methods, Marine Spatial Planning and Policy, and Reconstructing Marine Environments. And you’ll do a Dissertation where you’ll bring your critical analysis skills, along with you’re practical and applied skills to bear.

For more info: NUI Galway


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