Maritime Training | Ensure your Certification is Issued by Competent Authority

In the latest Marine notice issued by the department of Transport, Tourism and Sport: Anyone undertaking maritime training in Ireland is encouraged to ensure that courses leading to a certification is approved by and complies with the statutory certification issued by the competent authority.

maritime training

The Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport is the competent authority for the approval of statutory maritime training in Ireland under both EU and Irish law. The Marine Survey Office of the Department carries out this function on behalf of the Minister.

IMO STCW courses, including short courses, carried out in Ireland may only be approved by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport. Candidates for seafarer and fisher certification should be aware that the Department will only accept certificates issued by training providers approved by the competent authority for training carried out in Ireland.

EU mutual recognition applies to certificates issued in other EU/EEA states for training approved by and carried out under the conditions set down by the competent authorities in those Member States. Ship owners, fishing vessel owners and those employing seafarers and fishers should ensure that crew whose training was carried out in Ireland hold appropriate certification issued under the authority of the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport.

A holder of a certificate which is not valid, serving on a vessel, may adversely affect the certification of that vessel. Such vessels on inspection, may be subject to enforcement action for non-compliance with statutory requirements.

A full list of approved training providers is available on the recently launched Departmental website:

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