Lucy Hunt Creates Marine Educational Resource for Young People

Ocean literacy is, to put it another way, learning the language of the sea and as with any language the younger you start the better change you have to master it. So with that in mind, if you know a primary school teacher you’re going to want to share this with them. A fantastic new educational resource to teach all about the sea has been produced by marine biologist and educator Lucy Hunt and is available for free online.

Lucy Hunt Creates Ocean Literacy Educational Resource

A bright idea to teach children about the sea (Credit Volvo Ocean Race Facebook)

Lucy, who runs the Sea Synergy Marine Awareness Centre in Waterville, Co. Kerry, has an extensive background in the marine world raising awareness. The just published ocean literacy programme, created with the Volvo Ocean Race, is focussed on young people (ages 6 – 12). This programme could provide a really useful resource for primary school teachers looking to increase ocean literacy in the classroom.

We’re all becoming more aware of the importance of the sea in our lives and particularly how pollution made on land often ends up collecting at sea. The more we understand this situation, the greater the chance we have to solve it and so its vitally important for the young people to be learning all about the complex, amazing, life-giving oceans and how we have interact with them everyday.

Check out the resource pack here and share it with any primary school teachers you know!

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