It’s Irish Water Safety Week – Here’s Five Essential Safety Tips

Ok, so we had some awesome weather there for a bit, and even though normal service has resumed and changeable and variable are again the weather words of the day, lots of us still heading to the beach to enjoy the warm and long summer days. 

This week is Irish Water Safety’s Awareness week (18th – 24th June) and a key time to reflect on why its always smart to treat the sea with the respect it deserves, especially when venturing in for a swim or paddle.

There are an average around 133 drowning each year in Ireland. That’s more than five per fortnight, a staggering number and so many of these deaths could have been avoided.

This week Irish Water Safety are appealing to the public to keep themselves informed of the dangers and reduce the chance of drowning tragedies this summer.

If you’re heading to the coast this summer remember these top tips to stay safe:

  1. Swim at lifeguarded waterways
  2. Swim within your depth, parallel and close to shore
  3. Supervise children at all times as drownings can happen quickly and silently
  4. Almost 30% of drowned victims had consumed alcohol, don’t drink and swim.
  5. A lifejacket can save your life, wear one.

If you see someone in trouble, call 112 and ask for the coastguard.

The best place to spend the summer is undoubtedly on the Irish coast but stay safe and always respect the water!

About the Author

Ann Robinson
Has a passion for coastal heritage and maritime history. Loves sharing the best of the Irish coast online. Contact me or follow me on Twitter @AnnRobinson22