Fox on the Rocks | Loyal fox sticks by friend as tide comes in

Yesterday the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit received an urgent phonecall about an animal in trouble along the coast at Dun Laoghaire.

A member of the public was out walking with her children when she noticed two foxes out on some rocks in the water, one looked injured or dead and the other was unmoving standing over her. In a couple of hours the high tide would come in and cover the area so a speedy course of action was vital to save the foxes.

Fortunately a Kildare Wildlife volunteer was working nearby and was able to quickly go to the scene.

What she saw was quite incredible – A fox stuck between the rocks while its partner tried to dig her free.

Fox on the Rocks

Fox on the Rocks You got a friend in me!

The good news is as the Kildare Animal Foundation volunteer got near to the fox to help it, the little animal got free and both managed to get away safely.

Great work from the member of the public to alert the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit and well done to the little red fox who remained with their friend! 

Check out the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Page for more info

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