Massive €5 million drugs haul found on Clare beach

A suspicious item found on a beach in Liscannor Clare yesterday turned out to be a massive drugs stash containing €5 million euro worth of cocaine.


Massive drugs haul found off Clare Coast Estimated street value €5 million

The unusual looking torpedo-shaped item drew the attention of a member of the public walking on the beach. Finding the suspicious looking content, they quickly alerted the Revenue Customs Officers.


The drugs were concealed within a torpedo-like device

Customs urges people living in coastal and maritime communities to report unusual or suspicious activities as part of their customs drug watch programme. Custom officers arrived on the scene and the drugs were seized by the Revenue Commissioners.


The drug packages were covered in playful bunny images

The 6ft metal tube contained a massive 75kg of cocaine with an estimated street value of 5 million euro.

Revenue reported that this may have been attached below the waterline of a cargo or some other vessel. There’s presently no indication of where the drugs originated or their intended destination.


The public are asked not to put themselves in danger by approaching or interfering with suspicious items such as this. The Customs “Drugs Watch Programme” encourages those living in coastal communities, maritime personnel and people living near airfields to report unusual or suspicious activities to Revenue Customs Service on our Freephone number at 1800 295295

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