End of an Era | Last days of Dublin’s sole remaining dry dock

It’s the end of an era at Dublin Port as the last remaining working dry dock is set to close. The dry dock has served the port for over 60 years and will be filled in and decommissioned in the coming days. 

A dry dock has been present in Dublin since the 1860’s and has been used by hundreds of ships throughout the years.

This last remaining working dry dock was built in the 1950’s but now many of the ships coming into port are too large to fit in its walls. As part of an expansion plan to make the port “fit for the future” the dock is to be filled in to create much needed extra space.

Not everyone is happy with the decision and some say this could be a major loss for Dublin Port. It’s filling in a part of our maritime heritage and ships needing repairs and maintenance will now have to travel to Belfast or Cork.

The dock is to be flooded one last time as the Jeanie Johnston, the last ship to pass through, sails out marking an end of an era on this piece of Dublin’s maritime heritage.


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