On Stranger Tides | Curious wooden object washes up on Tory Island

A strange wooden fork sculpture that washed up on Tory Island last May is prompting an investigation into its mysterious origins. Officials at the National Museum of Ireland believe that the object may be traced back to a tribe in Africa.

Curious wooden object

The Doohan family found the object on a Tory Island beach while out walking their dog last May. Initially they mistook the object for an ordinary piece of wood and were using it to play catch with the dog but its distinctive shape and appearance soon caught their eye.

The unique nature of the object was revealed when they were contacted by the museum after their son posted photos on Facebook. The museum believed that the object could trace back to an African tribe and they encouraged the family to contact museums in the UK to see if they could shed even more light on the find. 

The Doohan family has revealed to the Donegal Post that they are now researching the origins of the mysterious wooden fork. Investigations into the object origins will include a number of tests to determine the age of the wood and how long it had been out at sea before washing up on the shores of Tory Island.

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