Calling all Citizen Scientists! Get Involved in 30th Annual Coastwatch Survey

Calling all citizen scientists!

Coastwatch is conducting its annual coastal survey and needs your help. They are looking for volunteers from all walks of life to help aid them in their eco-audit of the entire Irish coast and your involvement is key to a successful survey.

coastwatch annual survey

30th annual Coastwatch survey takes place from 15th September to 15th October

This year is the 30th anniversary of the Coastwatch survey and its aim is to give an encompassing overview of the state of the Irish coast – from the biodiversity to the marine litter on the shores. The survey runs from between 15th September to 15th October and Coastwatch are looking for volunteers from all around the country to get involved.

The survey started in Ireland in 1987 and has since gone international with surveys taking place from the Black sea to the Baltic and from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.

The survey is straightforward and can be carried out by anyone.  It entails walking a chosen 500 metre stretch once at low tide and taking note of your observations. All this information will be sent back to Coastwatch where they will be combined with all the other surveys to create an overall snapshot of the coast. This data can then be used with official data to better monitor our shores and seas and take action where needed.

Coastwatch is encouraging everyone to get involved and this is a great opportunity to be part of a huge project to help better understand the Irish coast!

Visit the Coastwatch Survey Page to book your survey area now.

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