On Stranger Tides | Long lost buoy travels 2000 miles across the Atlantic

A mulitcoloured buoy that washed up on a beach in Clare last month has been traced back 2000 miles to Southwest Harbor Maine.

The unusually multicoloured buoy caught the eye of avid beachcomber Liam MacNamara when it washed up on Fanore beach, Co. Clare. With no markings or numbers tracing the owner should have been ‘virtually impossible’ but with a little help from his Facebook page ‘Burren Shores Beachcombing & More’ the sleuths of the internet uncovered the owner over 2000 miles away.

The buoy belonged to Frank White a lobsterman from Trenton, New Jersey. He believes it was over five years old and from his time at Southwest Harbor in Maine.

Check out the Facebook page for more amazing stuff that has drifted across the Atlantic.

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