Irish involvement in European Commission-selected Blue Technology projects

The European Commission has selected three new projects for funding under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) and Ireland is set to be part of two of these projects.

blue technology projects

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund INvertebrateIT project to develop innovative approaches for aquaculture.

Projects selected under the ‘Blue technology call for proposals’ will develop joint plans and bankable demonstration projects in the Atlantic and the North Sea.

The intention is to coordinate investments for innovation in a specific high potential blue growth technologies.

The INvertebrateIT Project will look to develop innovative approaches for the aquaculture sector, particularly using organic wastes for the production of invertebrates to be used for fish feed. Ireland is involved along with Spain, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

The ENTROPI project aims to accelerate the deployment of multi-use offshore platforms, particularly for renewables and aquaculture. UK, France, Portugal, Spain and Ireland will collaborate on this project.

The new projects share a total budget of about €2 million. The ultimate goat is for the ‘Blue technology’ projects to help bring research results faster to the market.

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