Ape’s Arm Mysteriously Washes up on Kilkee Beach

Some pretty strange stuff has washed up on the Irish coast in the last few years but I think this one takes the biscuit!

Ape Arm Kilkee Beach

Ape’s arm mysteriously washes up on Kilkee Beach (Credit Clare FM)

Last week a member of the public discovered what they thought was a human limb on Farrihy beach in Kilkee. Gardaí were notified and the limb was sent off to be tested.

Forensic examinations revealed that the remains belonged to a primate. The limb was handed over to Frankie Coote, the Clare County dog warden who believes it might be a gorilla or chimpanzee arm.

Talking to Morning Focus on Clare FM Coote says he wants to find an expert to examine the limb to see if they can shine any more light on this mysterious find!

*Update 14:43 – The mystery may have been solved!  Following some impressive investigations by the people at Clare FM, the theory now is that it is the rear flipper bones from a Grey seal. The related search for a sad-looking one-armed Chimpanzee can now be called off.

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