Help Keep our Beaches Beautiful with a Quick #2MinuteBeachClean

Clean Coasts have just released an excellent new #2MinuteBeachClean video featuring Irish comedian Colm O’Regan reprising his role as part-time philosopher, full-time human Benicio Sandz. Check it out below.

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Two minutes are all it takes to help keep our beaches beautiful

So much of our litter ends up on our beaches and eventually enters into the sea where it clutters the ocean and endangers marine life. It’s up to all of us to do our part to turn the tide on marine litter. Luckily there’s one great solution that all beach users can do to help keep our coasts clean and beaches beautiful and it only takes 2 minutes!

The Clean Coasts programme operates the #2minutebeachclean in Ireland and is proudly supported by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government. There are over 100 boards on beaches around the coast and Clean Coasts are asking everyone who goes to the beach to do their very own #2minutebeachclean. Take a snap of the litter you collect and post your snap on instagram/twitter/facebook with the hashtag #2minutebeachclean and #cleancoasts

For the second time Clean Coasts have teamed up with Colm O’Regan, comedian and author of Irish Mammies, to help promote this initiative. Colm O’Regan, stars as empowerment and engagement guru, Benicio Sandz. Check out last years fantastic video here.

Speaking about the #2minutebeachclean, Colm O’Regan said, ‘I really love this initiative, it’s just something small we can all do but if you add up all the 2 minutes we can have an incredibly positive effect on our beaches’

Speaking about the #2minutebeachclean, Sinead McCoy, Clean Coasts Manager said, “The #2minutebeachclean idea is simple and inspiring. You just pick up a few bits of litter when you go to the beach, take a picture of the litter and post on social media, then put it in the bin, it’s as simple as that. Every piece of litter removed from the marine environment is a piece of litter that won’t pollute our oceans or be ingested by marine life. We are extremely excited to be able to work with Colm O’Regan on the campaign again this year”

How to take part in the 2 Minute Beach Clean:
– Follow Clean Coasts – @cleancoasts on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook
– Do a 2 minute beach clean
– Take a snap of the marine litter you collect
– Post your snap on Instagram/Twitter using the hashtag #2minutebeachclean #cleancoasts @CleanCoasts or post your picture to the Clean Coast Facebook page including the hashtags in the post – don’t forget to tell them where you took your snapped your shot.
– Dispose of the waste you collected properly, recycle it/bin it!
– Remember to always be safe when you do your #2minutebeachclean

It’s so easy! So make sure next time you visit the beach to do a #2MinuteBeachClean and help make our coast a better place!

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