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This week marks the 100th anniversary of the rescue from Elephant Island of Ernest Shackleton’s crew and it was the final chapter of Shackleton’s epic Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition saga. To celebrate we’ve got a great prize to giveaway in our competition.

Shortly after the expedition began in the winter of 1914, their ship got stuck in ice and for eight months drifted off course. The vessel was eventually crushed by the surrounding ice and sank, Shackleton and his crew were left stranded with no way home and no means to contact the outside world.

Endurance trapped in ice, 1916

The ship that took Ernest Shackleton and his crew to Antarctica

In a last ditch effort to find help, Shackleton would take his five best men on a gruelling long distance journey over land and sea, leaving the other 22 members behind in the cold unforgiving environment of Elephant Island. Miraculously Shackleton and his men managed to find help but it took several attempts and 127 days before Shackleton could get back and rescue those left behind.


To celebrate the anniversary of Shackleton’s rescue of his men, we’re giving away a copy of Michael Smith’s book: Shackleton – By Endurance We Conquer. Find out the whole story behind this epic adventure and all you need to do to win is answer the following:

What was the name of Shackleton’s ship?

1. Perseverance

2. Endurance

3. Fortitude 


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Competition closes on the 24th September.

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