Trump to visit Ireland and his Doonbeg golf course

Love him or hate him, one thing is certain, it’s near impossible to ignore Donald Trump these days. And this month the controversial billionaire businessman and presumptive Republican nominee in the next US presidential election is visiting his impressive golf resort in Doonbeg, Co Clare.


Doonbeg golf course (photo

The divisive presidential candidate has invested millions upgrading the Doonbeg golf resort and some in the community have praised his efforts and the financial impact it’s having on the wider community.

But it hasn’t all been plain sailing. There has been some construction setbacks, notably with plans to build a 200,000 tonne, 13 ft, 3km wall of rock armour to protect the resort from coastal erosion. Objectors to the walls construction have cited concerns for the environment and an attempt to fast track the construction by claiming it was a strategic infrastructure project, which would have avoided the local authority stage, has been rejected. Trump resort consultants have said failure to build the wall, “the ‘do nothing’ scenario, will bring the viability of the entire resort and its potential closure into question”. According to their Environmental Impact Statement if no rock barrier is put in place, the sand dune will erode inland at one metre a year.


Mr Trump is set to visit Ireland later this month and it will be worth keeping an eye if only for his unpredictable and often controversial commentary. One thing we can however say for certain is his Doonbeg golf course is a pretty impressive sight!

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