Renewed calls for towing vessel after ship runs aground on River Barrow

A former minister has renewed his call to the government to invest in an emergency towing vessel (ETV) for Ireland’s sea territory following the grounding of a ship on the River Barrow on Sunday. The vessel has since been refloated.

MV Lisa ran aground at Pink Rock, River Barrow. (Credit Tom Carley on Waterford Maritime History)

The MV Lisa ran into difficulties off Pink Rock as it made its way to New Ross  carrying a cargo of four and a half thousand tonnes of dry goods.

Local former Fianna Fail TD Hugh Byrne has said this situation highlights the need for an emergency towing vessel (ETV) given the absence of one in the country and our current dependence a British ETV’s.  Speaking on South East Radio the former TD also said that after Brexit we may no longer have access to these resources and that it’s about time we get our own for the safety of our ships.

Renewed calls for towing vessel

MV Lisa getting back on track (Credit: Nicky Fortune on Waterford Maritime History)

On Tuesday morning the MV Lisa was finally pulled free and set back on track.

*Article updated to reflect location of grounding on River Barrow.

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