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Telltale signs you’re in a Toxic Relationship with the Ocean

We’re taking a look at our relationship with the ocean through the prism of those self-help magazine articles where they list the telltale signs of a romance gone bad.  We thought it would be interesting to see just how much of a jerk we are to the ocean!

1. Reminiscing on the beginning instead of looking toward the future

We used to have clean seas, once upon a time. The water use to be so clear and the fish swam free in vast shoals, ah the 19th century and every century before! Now, well now it’s all just gotten a bit rubbish.

2. You’re not yourself 

Fish are changing gender because of hormones we’re dumping in the sea. I repeat, fish are changing gender because of hormones we’re dumping in the sea. Isn’t that more than a little disturbing?

Making Waves Podcast Toxic Relationship Ocean

Sorry Guys Girls, I don’t know how to tell you this but…..

3. Avoiding each other

When E-Coli or superbugs are in the water, you’re actually best to avoid each other.

4. Criticism and contempt

When you don’t bother to clean up after yourself, something is definitely wrong. You love to visit the beach but you couldn’t be bothered to deal with your rubbish? – jerk alert!

Making Waves Podcast Toxic Relationship Ocean

5. You can’t seem to do anything right 

Microbeads? Many of us didn’t even know they were made of plastic, let alone accumulating dangerously in the sea.

Well now we know – and you gotta ask yourself one question – are you still using products that contain microbeads?

6. You’re just not happy anymore

Hard to be happy when you see how we treat the ocean and its conqeuences. Ginormous gyres of waste, hermit crabs with plastic homes, that picture of the seahorse with the cotton bud, polar bears on shrinking ice platforms, dolphins coralled and killed, coral bleaching, vast ships clear felling the ocean of life and habitat, on and on it goes.

Ok, nothing toxic in this photo – this is actually a photo of the incredible natural phemomenon of bioluminescent Sea Sparkle in Tasmania – just a great I wanted to use. (Credit Brett Chatwin)

 7. Feeling like there’s no point

Well, this is one tell tale sign we can’t afford to have. There is no walking away, this is one relationship for life.

Fixing how we treat the ocean is not optional, it is essential to our continued healthy existence.

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