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How to Make an Ocean Literate Society

Ocean Literacy is an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you —and your influence on the ocean.

Why is it important? Because the relationship we’re in with the ocean is seriously dysfunctional and it’s leading to environmental ruin. If only that statement were hyperbole – but the raw truth is we take so much from the ocean and give nothing in return.

Something we get from the ocean? Well, without going into some mad long list, here’s one of my favourites: Oxygen

‘Every second breath you take was created in the ocean’

Yep, never mind food, medicine, raw materials resources or the greatest collection of life in the known universe, we get much of our oxygen from the ocean.

Something the ocean gets from us? Millions of tons of waste every year, accumulating in vast toxic piles, infiltrating every secret and unexplored corner of it’s vast depths.

Well, that’s not really fair, is it?

Ocean Literacy is important because so many of us haven’t thought about how our everyday actions are leading to this seriously imbalanced relationship and that needs to change for all our sakes.

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