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How to Make a Godawful of the Sea

As it’s Halloween we’re getting in the spirit of things and we’re going to tell you a scary story.

This won’t be some vague tale of a spectre seen once years ago, or of the wind in the trees mistaken for the banshee’s wail, no, this is something far more dark, cruel and frighteningly real.

Podcast making waves Godawful mess sea

On this weeks podcast we’re talking about the consequences wrought by that most sinister of things, the two-headed monster that is mankind’s voracious appetite for resources and his utter disregard for the environment at large.

Podcast making waves Godawful mess sea

Stranger things are floating in the sea thanks to years of wasteful practice

By taking too much from the sea, taking it in ways that damage the long-term health of the sea and all the life in it, and by dumping our waste right back in to it, we’ve really made a serious mess out there.

Just think about that, we use the sea as a source of food and at the same time as waste dump for billions of people – How’s that for a slice of scary pumpkin pie.

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