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Making Waves is a podcast about action, awareness and the Irish coast. It’s hosted by Dan Farrell and Ann Robinson, two average citizens trying to work out what it all means. New episode every Saturday.

How to Make a Circular Economy

We take resources like trees, fish and oil and make them into products like paper, food and plastics that people can use, buy and sell. When they’ve fulfilled their purpose, we dump them. It’s a wonderfully simple economic model that has relied on two things: a never-ending supply of new material and a bottomless pit to dump waste.

Unfortunately the inconvenient truth is we never had either and the consequences of this denial are now coming back to bite us in the asphyxiating ocean and depleted environment.

podcast making waves Circular Economy 

The burden of waste needs to be removed from the shoulders of the environment

Material that have resided inside the earth for millions of years are mined and trees and vast ancient forests are felled so that we can sip fizzy drinks from a can and wipe our messy faces.

Oils formed deep in the bowels of the earth are brought to the surface to be burnt as fuel, or become plastic bottles and bags, used once then thrown away. All this mess made in moments, piling up like mountains under the sea and in the air and it’s tainting everyone and everything.

An End to Waste?

The circular economy is about easing our voracious appetite for these limited resources and reducing our willingness to create waste that is harming our planet.

podcast making waves Circular Economy 

Through better design our products would not have to become waste but could have their useful lives extended, perhaps indefinitely. Single use plastics would be no more. The burden of waste removed from the environment. Imagine no more pollution!

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