Storm Ophelia Podcast Special | How Ireland Survived the Storm

In this Storm Ophelia Podcast Special we reflect on the biggest storm to hit Ireland in many years.

What happened?

Storm Ophelia, formerly a hurricane, passed over Ireland leaving a trail of destruction.

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Storm Ophelia Moving North along the West Coast

Was it bad?

It could have been a lot worse and in many respects we got lucky with the reduction in wind speed as it arrived.

The worst of the damage was along the west coast where the eye of storm arrived in Cork on Monday morning and moved along the seaboard northwards. Many homes are now without power and there will be several days of cleaning up to do. Most seriously and sadly though, there were three fatalities.

What did we learn? 

Lots of people have unsecured trampolines in their back gardens. At least they used to.

More seriously though the advanced warning of the storms arrival allowed ample time for people to prepare. Many people stayed at home on the day of the storm which was the safest course of action. Schools and universities were shut, public transport services were largely cancelled and across various media government officials, meteorologists and those in the know were doing their best to convey the seriousness of the event. It seems to have worked.

Listen to the podcast for more about Storm Ophelia and the country’s reaction.

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