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Making Waves is a podcast about action, awareness and the Irish coast. It’s hosted by Dan Farrell and Ann Robinson. New episode every Saturday.

How to Make a Positive Difference on the Coast

So many of us live, work and play by the coast, it’s a pretty special space that offers us so much. But sometimes the things we do have a negative consequences for the environment. When this happens it’s up to all of us to speak up and act for positive change.

But how do you raise awareness for important coastal and environmental issues, how do you make a positive difference on the coast?

In this Making Waves Episode, we talk with Patrick Jackson who has been raising awareness for several years about a pollution problem in Howth’s Doldrum Bay and we learn some useful ways to gain attention for important issues.

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Patricks Jackson uses creative ways to draw attention to the pollution problem in Doldrum Bay.

What’s happening at Doldrum Bay is just one of any number of similar issues around the coast. If there’s something you’ve noticed at your favourite coastal spot – why not take a stand and get involved!

Here’s some ideas on how to raise awareness for important issues:

  • Educate yourself – Find out as much about the issue. The more facts the better.
  • Contact your local politicians – Find out if they are aware of it and what they know. Tell them all about it.
  • Get on Social Media – Set up a Facebook group and invite everyone you know. Everyone is using social media channels for all sorts of activities and it’s effective to share your message
  • Set up a Website – This can be a digital HQ for all your information and a permanent online presence (We can help!   #ShamelessSelfPromotion)
  • Get creative – Grab some friends brain storm some innovative ideas to get some exposure. The more awareness raised about the issue the more likely someone will take notice!

Let’s listen to the podcast for more discussion on this topic.

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