Make these 5 changes today or the Seal gets it.

There’s good news and there’s bad news. I’ll get to the good news in a second.

Ok, you’re not going to like the content of this trailer for the soon to be released documentary A Plastic Ocean but you must watch it. In the documentary two explorers go on a global journey to investigate the extent of the plastic pollution crisis. What they discover are waterways, rivers, oceans and seas, and all the life that inhabits them, choking on our plastic waste.

Brace yourself.

Yes, there’s a colossal plastic nightmare out there all of our own making.

Ok, now for some good news. We can fix this. But we have to start today.

We need to recognise our crumby habits and change them. Sometimes they’re not obvious or we’re unaware of the problem. Either way, they need to change. Coast Monkey has identified 5 really easy changes that we can all make today. Fortunately, these changes both help the seas AND save money. If you’re already doing some or all of them, we salute you! For the rest of rest of us, it time to get with the program.

1. Bring your own shopping bag

We’ve been pretty good in Ireland about this ever since the introduction of the bag tax.  But there’s still a few hold outs. Keep a bag in your car or bring one with you.

2. Bring your own flask to the coffee shop

This is one that pretty much no one in Ireland does. Lots of Coffee shops serve paper cups so there is the danger that you might accidentally save a tree instead. Coffee shops sell flasks.

3. Stop buying bottled water

Water water everywhere and we go and buy it from a shop.  The more you think about this one, the more wasteful and obvious a change this is to make. You can pick up reusable bottles in sports shops and lots of supermarkets have them as well. For skinflints, that coffee/tea flask can double as a water bottle. At the very least, reuse your bottles.

4. No more straws

Use a straw once then throw it out. You can see how these little habit changes can mean a lot less plastic. Avoid straws.

5. Stop buying products with Microbeads

Not so obvious this one. Shower washes that have these little plastic micobeads added are making an oversized contribution to the plastic problem. In addtion to this, they are easily consumed by marine life and can quickly make their way up the food chain to a plate near you.

The 5 listed changes sound pretty simple but try it for just one day. See if you can avoid these 5 items and then you’ll realize the scale of this issue. But now you know.

All this plastic we throw away ends up in the sea and becomes a menace to marine life and we can stop it. Tell others and keep trying, if only for the seals sake.

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