Brexit to Bring New Maritime Reality – But Irish Naval Service will be Ready

Brexit unknowns far outweigh the knowns but failure to be ready for inevitable and possibly drastic change in the maritime landscape could be costly.

New dividing lines will be drawn and for criminals new possibilities will arise. The Irish Naval Service however is not resting on its laurels – this week they conducted the aptly named Operation Ullamh, an indication that they intend to be ready for the new maritime reality that Brexit will bring.

LE Roisin and celtic explorer

RV Celtic Explorer and L.É. Róisín Engaging in Operation Ullamh off the south-east coast this week

In a useful collaboration with one of Ireland’s scientific exploration vessels, the RV Celtic Explorer was on hand to support the naval boarding teams from L.É. Róisín during the two day exercise off the south-east coast.

Navy boarding party

Irish Naval Service Armed boarding team in training

The Irish Naval Service periodically conducts Maritime Interdiction Operations like Operation Ullamh which prepares armed teams for counter-narcotics and armed boardings at sea.


Operation Ullamh Training to be ready

In the last ten years the Naval Service has intercepted more than €2 billion worth of drugs in Irish waters.

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