We’ll always have Chicago | Tommy Bowe dips in Dun Laoghaire’s 40 foot

After an exhilarating and incredibly fruitful Autumn Series, Irish rugby has returned to focus on the more familiar local derby’s and inter-celtic battles of the domestic and European leagues. The legends of Chicago have rejoined their clubs and are looking to consolidate their gains.

But one fan favourite and Irish rugby hero – just returning from injury – has stepped up to send an important message at this time of the year – Have a designated driver when you go out!

Tommy Bowe dips in Dun Laoghaire's 40 foot

Irish legend Bowe dips in Dun Laoghaire’s 40 foot (Credit : Irish Independent)

To garner attention for this important message, the Monaghan legend visited Dun Laoghaire’s famous swimming spot the Forty Foot for a quick dip in its chilly winter waters. Launching the 2016 Coca-Cola Designated Driver campaign, the flying Ulsterman was more than game to get involved as can be seen in his acrobatic lunge!

Jumping into the much-loved swimming spot is a rite of passage for locals, especially at Christmas time, and hopefully Tommy’s loin-chilling gesture is one that will raise awareness about the importance of having a designated driver when you head out and about over the Christmas period.

Coast Monkey is 100% behind the idea of nominating someone in your group to safely bring your festive revellers home! And fair dues to Tommy, we’ve been there – ‘Tis cold this time of the year!

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