Trump Stumped | Plans to build wall at Irish golf course scrapped

Trump Stumped |  Plans to build wall at Irish golf course scrapped

Donald Trump’s proposal to build a 3km sea wall at his International Golf course and hotel in Doonbeg Co. Clare have been scrapped. However, a new proposal that involves a much smaller barrier are to resubmitted soon.

Trump Stumped

Trump’s Doonbeg Golf Resort

During a public consultation last night new plans were put on display that showed that permission to construct the wall had been abandoned. New planning permission will be submitted shortly which will propose 250 metres and 650 metres of rock infrastructure and sheet metal barrier, respectively that will be hidden in the dunes. Also, two holes on the course are to be relocated inland.

Save the Waves, who’ve been campaigning against the wall, see this a defining milestone for the campaign. The group managed to collect over 100,000 signatures from people who were against the ill-conceived wall which would do serious damage to the coastal environment. While this can be chalked up as a win for the group, they plan to continue monitoring the new proposals and remain engaged with future developments.  

‘The threat of Trump’s Irish wall has hung over Doonbeg like a dark cloud for more than two years’, FIE Director Tony Lowes said. ‘There is no doubt the original proposal would have stopped the development of the dune system and scoured the beach, leading to a loss of one of the finest amenities on the west coast. While the sense of relief today is enormous – as is our gratitude to the international community- the current proposal will require detailed analysis in terms of the Conservation Objectives – and the impact on the protected snail – before we can comment on it.’

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